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One of the things that we sometimes take for granted is our health. We often forget how fragile life is and if you are generally a healthy person it can be easy to overlook how lucky you are. I am sure that anyone who has ever had a health scare, even the smallest one, would say that it suddenly changed their entire perspective. Health changes everything! Your health affects your life more than anything, right?

We have all had a cold or have experienced some sort of physical pain; do you remember how relieved you felt when the pain stopped? How happy you were to finally just feel well and pain free. Let’s never take that feeling for granted because not everybody has that opportunity.

It is with these thoughts in mind that I want to challenge the way that we may be viewing our bodies. If we were asked to think about our bodies, I am sure that the first thing a considerable amount of us would think about is the way that they look and how we feel about that. It’s almost as if we view our bodies in a lower regard than what we should. As we are constantly encouraged to see our bodies as a visual object, this is not surprising.

Our bodies (although they are a work of art) are so much more than just that. They enable us to live and to be. They are the home for our souls, they are unique to who we are and they are full of wonder. Our bodies are put together in such a way that each part has a different function and plays an important role, the entire body works together as one.

The human body is able to heal itself and fight infection. Did you know that the only part of your body that cannot heal itself is the tooth? An adult body produces 300 billion new cells everyday, and in 24 hours, the blood in your body travels 12,000 miles. Let us also not forget that each of us have been made inside a body, how incredible is that!? So let’s give our bodies the appreciation that they deserve.

Instead of being critical, we should be grateful. And yes, although each of us may struggle with different limitations, we are able to achieve great things with the abilities that we do have. So the next time you are doing something physical, (and this will mean different things for different people), just stop to think, how impressive your body is and how much you rely on and appreciate it.


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    1. Thank you so much Michèle!

      Marianne Sophia

  2. Loving your post dear!


  3. Beautiful photos! Lavender is so pretty.


  4. Beautiful photos! I love lavender as well - one of my favorite places for photoshoots!

    xo, mikéla / simplydavelyn.com

    1. Thank you. I agree, such a great place to take photographs! :)


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