Lovin' Lavender Life

One of the things that we sometimes take for granted is our health. We often forget how fragile life is and if you are generally a healthy person it can be easy to overlook how lucky you are. I am sure that anyone who has ever had a health scare, even the smallest one, would say that it suddenly changed their entire perspective. Health changes everything! Your health affects your life more than anything, right?

We have all had a cold or have experienced some sort of physical pain; do you remember how relieved you felt when the pain stopped? How happy you were to finally just feel well and pain free. Let’s never take that feeling for granted because not everybody has that opportunity.

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London Days

I thought I would share with you a few photos from Borough Market and London Bridge from my recent outing. It is a pretty area for a walk by the river, especially in the summer. It was such a lovely sunny day, great for exploring London.

The market was very busy, especially as we had good weather, which is not something that we experience everyday in England. The refreshing fruit juice was very much appreciated due to the heat and I enjoyed some really tasty food from one of the food stalls! I would definitely recommend.

As it was warm, I was so ready to wear a dress! One of the things that I like about this dress is that it is so comfortable, knowing that I was going to be doing a lot of walking made it all that more important. I styled this with some trainers, after recently injuring my foot, sensible footwear had to be worn. The pink jumper worn over my dress is very light, which makes it great to just throw on when it gets a little cooler in the evening of a sunny day.
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