August Favourites!

I am absolutely loving Sephora right now, my friend recently went on holiday and brought me back this amazing Extreme Liquid Lipstick. As we cannot get Sephora in stores here in the UK, it was such a fantastic gift. What I love about this lipgloss/liquid lipstick is that it stays on so well! I have tried so many lip products that do not last long at all, so when I used it and found that it hardly smudges or budges, I was so pleased. I hate it when you have lipstick all over the place just because you ate! After I went out and ate it was still staying strong. I was very impressed.

Not only does it last long but the colour is gorgeous. The colour I have here is 'Outrageous Rouge' and it is beautiful! It is bright and transfers well onto the lips. It is surprisingly quite easy to apply, the shape of the wand is useful and helps with the application.

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Pick Me!

A few weeks ago we decided to go strawberry/raspberry picking! I thought, what a nice summery thing to do! While I was there, it occurred to me, what a great way to get kids into healthy eating, to actually show them where their food comes from. It would make them much more open to trying food that they have picked themselves, giving them a sense of achievement. Definitely something I would do one day.

I would probably say that I am a 'fussy eater', but I am not sure how true this is, as we all have different likes and dislikes, but sometimes I feel my dislikes limit me. I try to imagine a world where I like every single food, the possibilities of what I could eat would be endless!
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Colour Pop

Keeping it simple with a black dress allowing for colourful shoes and matching accessories. The body chain is added for a little more detail, bringing out the gold features in the shoes and bag.

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