Keji Victoria

In todays post I would like to introduce you to Keji Ewuosho, owner and creative director of Keji Victoria. I recently had the opportunity to interview Keji and I got to hear all about her designs. What’s so unique about KV is that the emphasis on creativity puts the customers in the driving seat of their wardrobe. What is really great about KV is that customers are able to choose the style and the print of each item. KV Designs are not mass-produced, hard work and TLC goes into designing each clothing item, rather than making all the designs the same. No KV individual is the same!

In the words of Keji herself, 'The Keji Victoria (KV) individual is bold and creative, unafraid to embrace colour and style in the everyday wardrobe. The brand is all about timeless yet trendy pieces. It provides a classy spin on clothing to create the perfect blend between glam and everyday wear.'

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