Blossom Contagiously

You may have never considered yourself as a walking example before but have you ever noticed that people are watching? I often spot young girls watching me when I am out and about, and it makes me wonder, what are they thinking and what are they leaning from me? Each time it hits me, not only are we responsible for keeping ourselves in check when it comes to the way that we view ourselves, but also we have the responsibility of ensuring that we pass on a healthy outlook to the younger generation. They are definitely watching and looking up to us, so what do we want them to see and what do we want young girls to learn from us?

I want them to learn not to compare themselves, I want them to learn to love themselves, to be happy with whom they are and appreciate their own qualities. I want them to believe in themselves, to see their potential and to enjoy life. I want these young girls to grow, blossom and encourage one another. So these are the behaviours and this is the mentality that I must show them.

Everywhere that we go, we are a constant walking example, whether we are aware of this or not. So let’s have an outlook that we want to be contagious, that is worthy of young girls looking up to and that we would be happy to pass on. Let’s choose to respect ourselves, value ourselves and love how we were made, whilst at the same time encouraging and supporting one another.

Along with younger girls, we often don't realise that we are setting an example for each other. I believe that these behaviours can be contagious and encouraging to each other, as one of my favourite quotes by Marianne Williamson explains:

'As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.'

I wanted to share with you these photographs that I took of blossom trees, as not only do I think that blossom is incredibly beautiful, but it is also such a lovely example of what can blossom with care, love and affection. So let's have care, love and affection for ourselves and lets also share love, care and affection with others.

Much love beauties,


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