So Classy!

These days we spend so much time working on our outer appearance but when we dig a little deeper what do we find? 

The word 'class' is so often associated with the way in which somebody presents themselves with their clothes. When I consider class, I see it as more than just your outer appearance. To me, class is not only your presentation but a way in which you carry yourself. It is in the way that you deal with situations and in the way that you handle yourself.

It is important to work on our inner self. Class, humility and grace are such beautiful qualities to have and they also enable us to achieve so much. When we humble ourselves, we take a step back and look at the world from a new perspective. Sometimes, it can be difficult not to allow your emotions to take over you, but when you take a step back and humble yourself it allows you to think clearly and make wise decisions. So let the red fade before making decisions and then act with dignity. It is important to stand up for yourself but when you do this with elegance, you can stand firm and know that you have handled the situation with integrity.

 Let’s put the focus on our inner qualities as they far outweigh the outer. We are each so individual and different and therefore struggle with different things but as we start to work on what we find challenging, hopefully in time these difficulties will become easier. Things are always scarier to begin with, but if we keep challenging and pushing ourselves then in time we will adapt.