Let's Chat About: Media, Insecurities and Expectations

Hello beautiful people!

I wanted to touch on the subject of insecurities and expectations. Looking around, it is easy to be misled and influenced into believing certain lies. Everywhere we turn, we see imagery and advertisements that can condition the way in which we think and feel about ourselves.

Let's think about things briefly from the advertisers point of view. People won't necessarily purchase a product unless they are led to believe that they need the product or that this product will benefit them in some way. So ultimately this will determine the way in which the product is advertised.

Why must we have the longest lashes and why are we not able age gracefully with wrinkles? Because otherwise surely we wouldn't buy such products? This is then usually reinforced with images that have been edited to such a degree that we cannot possibly meet the standard that we are shown, which in turn will fill us with unrealistic expectations and persuade us to buy even more products.                                              

I dare you, be encouraged to see the beauty in yourself. You were made with care, there is only one and only ever will be one you, you are unique in every way! Often we are much too hard on ourselves.

Beauty is held to such a high esteem, we are led to believe that it leads to happiness, confidence and self worth, but also, that it is the most important quality. I came across a picture the other day that read: 'If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?' Do you not think that there are far greater qualities in the essence of who you are?

Each of us have our own qualities, it may be that you have a good sense of humour or that you are kind-hearted. Maybe you are a good leader, you are hardworking or a great listener. Take the time to appreciate who you are and your qualities.

I believe it is the essence of who you are that makes you beautiful! (which is why I titled this blog Beautiful In Essence)

Beauty ideals vary around the globe and also in time, it can be as if our importance in society is ranked by the beauty standards of that time and place. Society needs to acknowledge that variety is beautiful.

Sometimes when we are trying to empower one set of women, we can end up hurting another set of women at the same time. This is evident in the quote: 'Real women have curves!' Although it may have been said with good intentions, it again sets certain standard and expectations. We must stop putting each other down. Our bodies are all different and all beautiful, lets respect them, appreciate them and treat them with care.

I believe that we need to be discussing these topics in schools. The media takes a huge part in raising the generation today, it is so important that this generation is encouraged to think for themselves.

Do not ever feel the need to convince anybody that you are beautiful. If you feel like dressing up and putting on make up, that's great! And if you don't, that is also great. The right people will see and appreciate the beauty in who you are, but first of all we need to make sure that we do too!

Much Love, Marianne x


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  3. What a beautiful post, it makes me sad when they revert to having half naked women in adverts/music videos to sell things! This cheered my day up, thanks!


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  5. Such an amazing post & I love your notebook!


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