Clinique Sunkissed Bronzer and different Ice Bloom Lipstick

True Bronze Pressed Powder

Clinique: True Bronze Pressed Powder in Sunkissed 
'Lightweight powder bronzer creates a natural-looking, sunny glow.'

I had been meaning to try a Clinique bronzer for a while now so I thought that I would finally give it ago! I had been slightly anxious to invest in another bronzer as they often appear slightly dark on my fair skin but as I had been impressed with how it appeared on somebody else I thought I would give it ago.

The bronzer comes beautifully packaged with a little brush for application, which I haven't actually tested yet as I have been using another brush. This is is the lightest shade of the three Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powders. It's subtle and natural looking and isn't too orange. It first appears light and can easily be built up

different Lipstick

Clinique: different lipstick A3 Ice Bloom
'A pearlized violety rose.'

When I first tested this lipstick on my hand in store I was under the impression that it was going to appear darker than it did. I was pleasantly surprised with the colour. It feels moisturising on the lips and not drying in the slightest. It looks gorgeous without screaming for attention.
I would highly recommend both of these products as I have been impressed with the quality and the overall finish. x


  1. Nice little haul, I also love clinique products, especially the chubby sticks, they are amazing!!

    1. Thanks! Yes I have one which I am yet to try! :) x

  2. These products look gorgeous! I was also surprised at the colour if the lipstick, looks lovely though. Great post :)

    Yasmeen x

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  4. I really want to try these products! Lovely post!

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