Review: MAC False Lashes Extreme Black & YSL Baby Doll Mascara

I am going to review the MAC False Lashes Extreme Black mascara and the Baby Doll mascara by Yves Saint Laurent.

I came across MAC False Lashes Extreme Black mascara when I was browsing for a new mascara to try in the MAC store. I had not read much about this product but thought I would give it ago.

This mascara is true to its name as the mascara is extreme black, which is great if you want dark lashes. The name insinuates a false lash effect, however I did not feel that this look was achieved, it certainly did not give my lashes this effect or make my lashes very bold.

I wouldn't recommend this mascara if you want a really bold look as I thought this mascara would be more noticeable than it was. If you are looking for a mascara that lengthens your lashes, this mascara works really well. However, as my lashes are naturally quite long this isn't something that I am too concerned about when buying for myself. 

The brush picks up all of the lashes, separating them very well without clumping. I think the best thing about this product, is that it doesn't forget any lashes. I bought MAC False Lashes Extreme Black for £18.

Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll mascara was first introduced to me by a sample and as I was impressed with the sample, I purchased it for myself.

 What I like about this mascara is that it makes the lashes really noticeable. I actually think it is darker than the MAC False Lashes Extreme Black mascara and I am fond of the way it paints my lashes.

This mascara also thickens the lashes well, making the lashes appear full. Unfortunately the mascara however does not separate the lashes quite as well as the MAC mascara. If you are looking to build up the layers of mascara, you have to apply this mascara quickly as the mascara dries on the lashes quite quickly.

One negative thing which I have noticed is that it can tend to leave marks on my face if I apply it to my lower lashes, however many mascaras tend to do this to me. One final thing I have noticed about this mascara is that it even smells nice, which isn't really an essential, but it is still nice. I also love the packaging as it looks so elegant. I would definitely recommend checking if they have any samples if you would be interested in testing this mascara. I bought Baby Doll by Yves Saint Laurent for £24.50.

I believe that both mascaras are good but in different ways. As they each create a slightly different look it would really depend on the look that you are going for. The MAC mascara gives natural looking lashes that are separated well and the YSL mascara provides thicker and darker lashes.


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