GW Glasses

So I fell in love with Gok's collection when trying on glasses, its modern, stylish and full of confidence. The glasses have so much personality to them.

"We're not going to hide behind our specs. My new range makes a real statement. Strong, sexy and glamorous - from now on, your outfit begins with your glasses." Gok Wan

When I was in Specsavers I must admit that the full collection was not in the store which limited my choice at the time. However, I still believe that my first choice would have been the same.

The first frame that I chose is GW66. As described on the website as:

'The claret red along the brow line of this rich burgundy red frame will accentuate the contour of the eyes - like a flick of mascara. Following on from the front, the pattern on the side flows like a wave. Subtle and soft but still makes a statement.' Specsavers 
Specsavers. 2013 [online]. 10/12/2013. Available from World Wide Web :

The amazing thing about the GK collection is that it was two for the price of one! How amazing is that deal!? So I went ahead and also got GW 67:

'The textured pattern gives this metal frame an intriguing twist, while the semi-rimless style keeps the look light on the face. The deep burgundy colour, verging on black, will complement a variety of skin tones and hair colour.' Specsavers

Specsavers. 2013 [online]. 10/12/2013. Available from World Wide Web :