Live Life

Sometimes we need to take a moment to remember the most important things in life. You can't take your career or your possessions with you, they mean nothing when you die, but when we are old we can cherish our memories.

Do the things that you want to do this year, if you want to start a blog, then start a blog! If you want to start learning something new, then do it! The time is here and now!
One of the first things that I did this year, which I never thought I would ever do was to hold a Chilean Rose Tarantula. I really don't like spiders and I usually wouldn't have gone anywhere near it. When I was asked if I wanted to hold it, I thought to myself, I am never in a million years going to consider doing this again, it is now or never! It just happened to be the right atmosphere, with the right people at the the right time. Knowing that it was in a controlled environment and I had someone watching over, I decided to push myself. When you push yourself you will be surprised at what you can achieve.